Undercover agents are necessary when considering theft or pilferage in your business and are essential for your peace of mind in various business situations. Our firm has conducted this type of investigation for over 49 years by placing an operative into your business working alongside your employees for a time period agreed upon when hired. Our agents report daily activities of employees including pilferage, sleeping on the job, drug use, missing work, or working in a dangerous way as to cause self-inflicted injuries.

The charge for our standard undercover agent is $110.00 per 8-hour day plus the agent receives your standard rate of pay for his/her job.  We require a two week advance retainer that may be paid by check or credit card using the PayPal button below. To utilize our services, just print the RETAINER agreement, sign it, and fax or mail to our offices with the fee for service. Delivery of a report via e-mail is provided daily from the time the assignment is initiated. 

NOTE: E-MAIL or phone/fax the Kale main office for a more detailed discussion of your case and an individualized arrangement of costs.