Our agency has successfully provided this service for over 49 years with the primary goal of discretion. Surveillance requires numerous tactics which we find best suited to different gender investigators.  Although technology has advanced certain procedures considerably, assignments are handled by specifically trained staff members. Let a specialist give you the answers you are entitled to know if you have any doubts about a spouse or friend's daily activities.

Fees are $85.00 per hour and $.75 per mile plus miscellaneous expenses. These costs are deducted from a required $850.00 advance retainer. This may be paid by Credit Card using the Pay Pal below. In order to use our services please return to the RETAINER agreement, print it, sign it and send it to our office along with your fee for service. The client is updated on a regular basis, and written reports are provided to document any legal files.

Due to the various types of situations surrounding surveillance, we ask you E-MAIL or phone/fax the Kale main office for additional information.

We also sell an infidelity kit to check sperm on undergarments and can be found by clicking this link