This type of case often presents a unique frustration. We can locate anyone living in the U.S. from an outdated address not more than seven years old, or if he/she has an uncommon name. Additionally, foreign contacts and professional organization memberships permit searches in other countries. Common search methods are outlined below.

  Search #1 - $95.00 Advance Fee

Database search of name conducted. Information obtained in 24-36 hours.
Locates most persons residing in the U.S. and shows a 95% agency success rate.

  Search #2 - $125.00 Advance Fee

Database search conducted when only an old address is known, which is less than seven years old. Information obtained in 24-48 hours.
This search is more difficult the success rate with this method is over 90%.

  Search #3 - $200.00 Advance Fee

In-depth database search conducted when only a subject's name is known, and it is an uncommon name. Information is obtained in 2 to 4 days.
All information is forwarded to the client via written report when multiple possibilities are located.

 Search #4 - $75.00 per hour/$.75 per mile and out of pocket expenses
                        (deducted from required $700.00 Advance Retainer)

Combined database and manual search for individuals who cannot be located via other methods or who may be hiding.

May include searching in countries other than USA.

Information obtained in a minimum of 5 days. - Client updated regularly as to location progress.

NOTE: E-MAIL or phone/fax/letter to the Kale main office is recommended for a detailed discussion and individualized quotes since fees vary measurably depending upon available information. You may pay by Credit Card using the Pay Pal button below. In order to use our services please return to the RETAINER agreement, print it, sign it and send it to our office along with your fee for service.