The highly sensitive nature of this type of investigation requires it be handled by specific members of our investigative staff. Since nine out of ten kidnapped children are taken by a parent, we start our investigation in this direction and either rule in or rule out the parents and grandparents. If the natural parents and grandparents are NOT involved, we then proceed with an all out search for the child. We always coordinate with the local police department. Through sources available to our office we make postings to the Internet, contact nationwide truckers, design and pass out flyers, and obtain the sources of national media services. We have learned that locating a child within ten days usually finds the child unharmed, so time is of the essence in this type of case. Please return to the REGISTRY and list your name and the person you are trying to locate.

The fee for the hand search is $70.00 per hour plus $.70 cents per mile, deducted from a required $1,000.00 retainer. In order to process this request please return to our RETAINER agreement, print it, sign it and return it to our office.. You may use Pay Pal below to make your payment by Credit Card.

NOTE: E-MAIL or phone/fax/letter to the Kale main office for a more detailed discussion of your case and an individualized arrangement of costs.