Prior history is becoming increasingly mandatory and is advisable in a wide range of situations such as hiring someone to watch a minor child, selecting nursing care facilities for an elderly relative, or added security in a prospective marriage. Background knowledge is an effective and simple way to make more informed decisions.

Basic inquiries are made available within 24-48 hours by utilizing in-house databases, hundreds of proprietary and public databases. In-depth searches require the addition of manual tracking. Delivery of information varies; however, the client is updated regularly and written reports are provided. Following is a list of commonly requested information.


  • Civil Records Search (by County) = $75.00
  • Civil Records Search (by Federal District) = $80.00
  • Corporate Affiliations = $40.00 plus $20.00 per hit
  • Criminal Conviction History (by Metro area) = fees vary by area
  • Criminal Conviction History (by County) = $75.00
  • Criminal Conviction History (by Federal District) = $75.00
  • Criminal Conviction History (by State, not all available) = $100.00
  • Decedent Trace (national) = $60.00
  • Death Record Search (national) = $75.00
  • Divorce Records (State by State) = $75.00
  • Driving Records (with DOB and/or DL#, not all available) = $75.00
  • Driving Records (without full information) = $100.00
  • Education Verification = $200.00
  • Employment Location (basic) = $100 ($25.00 with no hit)
  • Employment Location (advanced) = $450 ($50.00 with no hit)
  • Post Office Box Trace to Address = $125.00
  • Professional License Verification = $75.00
  • Public Filings Scan (bankruptcy, UCC, etc.) = $40.00 per area (Eastern, Central, Western)
  • Real Estate Ownership (by address) = $75.00
  • Real Estate Ownership (by State, not all states available) = $150.00
  • Stocks, Securities, Mutual Funds Search = $600-$700 ($125 no hit)
  • Worker's Compensation Records (not all states available) = $75.00


  • Assets Search (in-depth) = $75.00 per hour plus $.75 per mile plus misc. expenses, deducted from required $600.00 advance retainer.

NOTE: E-MAIL or phone/fax the Kale main office is recommended for a more detailed discussion of matters not listed since fees vary measurably depending upon available information. You may pay for the above services by Credit Card using the Pay Pal button below. In order to use our services please return to the RETAINER agreement, print it, sign it and send it to our office along with your fee for service.