The highly sensitive nature of this service is handled by specific staff members with care and understanding. Media coverage has given the impression that discovering birth connections is a relatively easy task, yet many years of experience plus extensive sources of database and inside contact information prove most reliable. In over 9,712 cases to date, 92% of the birth parents and/or adoptees searched have been successfully located by our agency. Please return to the ADOPTEE REGISTRY and list your name, the person you are trying to find may already be listed.

Fees covering this in-depth combined database and manual search are worked on a flat fee of $1,500.00. Costs are deducted from a required $750.00 advance
retainer, and if for whatever reason we cannot find your birth parents no additional charge is made. You may pay by Pay Pal using the button below. In order to use our services please return to the
RETAINER agreement, print it, sign it and send it to our office along with your fee for service. The client is updated as to location progress on a regular basis, and written reports are provided.

Interestingly, we find in a majority of cases that minor details often considered unimportant to a client provide some of the most significant leads. Further, since fees vary measurably depending upon available information, E-MAIL or phone/fax the Kale main office.

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